About Us

Tom Dotter started working on Fiats in 1972 (Egads! Has it been that long!?!?!) He attended every service school offered in the United States, from engine and transmission rebuilding to emissions repair and electrical troubleshooting. He is a member of the Association of Fiat Service Technicians.


 Here's a picture of Tom (on the right) discussing performance with several RMFLC members at the Funkana...


Here's Tom giving some great Fiat advice to Fiat club members!


Aspen Import Auto was formed in 1983, and Tom has been at the helm the entire time. His experience as a Tech, lead tech, shop foreman, service manager, and service & parts director have contributed greatly to the success of Aspen Import Auto. Tom wears many hats in a day, sometimes spending his day writing estimates, chasing parts, sometimes rebuilding a transmission, but always up to his armpits in Fiats and Lancias!


Ginger Warner is his faithful "Girl Friday", growing up helping her Pop work on the cars. She oversees all the shipping and ordering of parts, top installations, and general phone answering and office duties. If Tom's not available, you can count on Ginger to either know the answer to your Fiat/Lancia question, or get back to you with an answer. She speaks Fiat fluently!

Not only do we work on Fiats...


We own and drive them too!  Tom has a 1972 Fiat Coupe, one of the few in existence in the region. He also owns a 1984 Bertone X 1/9, in the Bertone "flagship paint scheme" only found on the 1984 models. Tom also has a fleet of miscellaneous rarer Fiats, including an 850 Coupe, 850 spider, Strata, 131, 128 rally, Brava, 3p, and a Lancia Scorpion. His love for Fiats has only grown over the years, and he plans on "playing with the little cars" for many more years. Here's a few pictures of Tom's Treasures!

Tom's 1984 Bertone X 1/9
Tom's 1972 124 Coupe

Tom loves a good day sailing, too!

What the heck is Speleology?


Speleology is the study and exploration of caves for scientific purposes. Tom is a Fellow and Life-member of the National Speleological Society, and has surveyed many caves across the nation. He assisted in the expansion of Glenwood Caverns in Glenwood, Colorado, and has contributed many hours to the Williams Canyon Project in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Tom also has mapped miles of cave in Wind Cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota,  Carlsbad Caverns,  Lechuguilla cave, and numerous other caves in New Mexico and Colorado. An avid caver, Tom's favorite "home away from home" can be found underground.

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